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No one likes to see or work in a grimy building, and it doesn’t inspire confidence in clients either. Regular cleaning of your building’s exterior is just as important as good maintenance. Internally, you want your space to be sanitary and pass all health and safety standards, crucial if you operate within an industry that requires compliance with high hygiene standards. We have worked on hundreds of buildings and warehouses over the years, perfecting our cleaning processes to be speedy, safe and consistent.

We offer the following services externally:

  • Remove surface dirt, debris, plant growth and wildlife stains that can badly affect buildings and ultimately damage their surfaces
  • Bring clad surfaces back to life without damaging or shortening the life of the coating, whether aluminium, concrete, composite, powder coated, plastic (uPVC), stainless steel or glass
  • Inspect, wash, clean, repaint, renew and refurbish cladding, no matter its age, condition or material
  • Clean gullies, gutters and roofs to remove debris and blockages
  • Clean warehouse bays and vehicle pits

Internally, our services include:

  • Cleaning fully automated warehouse and storage facilities, including high security and valuable merchandising environments
  • Sanitising a range of surfaces, including the internal structure, partitions, high-level and pallet racking, automated racking systems, flooring, mezzanine floors, and roller shutter doors
  • Disinfecting food, chiller and cold room storage spaces
  • Deep cleaning staff canteens including kitchens, and ensuring sandwich trays are sanitised regularly
  • Fire prevention cleaning, including the removal of all potential fire hazards

We provide swab testing before and after cleans and provide full method statements and risk assessment prior to undertaking any work. Each job is completed with a detailed After Care Report.

What makes us good at what we do?

Our reputation for excellence and our professionalism set us apart from our competitors. We have been operating since 2004 with a small but hugely experienced team and it shows in every job that we do. All our work comes from repeat clients or recommendations, giving us the incentive to keep doing a first-rate job, every time.

We have the tools, the qualifications and the certificates to carry out work to the highest standards – find out more about us. And no job is complete with Seb’s approval. He will personally inspect and sign off on a job so you can be sure that it has met his high standards.

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Our services

When it comes to professional cleaning of commercial vehicles, buildings and warehouses Acorn Commercials is known for its excellent reputation, outstanding service and attention to detail. We apply those to every job we do, no matter how small or complex.

Our clients like us because we care, and that means all our jobs are thorough and completed to a high standard. We don’t rest until a job is done and we will stay for as long as it takes to do it. This is why they keep coming back to us and why they recommend us to others.

Our environmental credentials

Commercial cleaning and infection control often require the use of chemicals. This is inevitable, particularly when it comes to maintaining food hygiene standards and providing safe patient transportation. Wherever possible, such as on the exterior of buildings, we use very little water or detergents. The water we do use is purified, containing few if any impurities, and the lack of detergents means that runoff can go straight into the drains. Where we do use detergents, they are free of solvent or caustic elements, are fully biodegradable and comply with ISO 9002 requirements.

When we use chemicals, or if we are working on spillages, we use a boom system to trap all wastewater and runoff. This is then pumped to a tank and we remove everything from site ourselves. We hold a waste carriage licence which means that all waste and its transportation and disposal are tracked and can be checked by both regulators and the public to ensure compliance.

Contact us to find out more or if you have any questions – we’re on email at and on the phone on 0800 772 3424.

  • Fleet Cleaning

    We know the transport industry inside out. We understand the regulations that drive it and the short notice that is given before an audit. This is why we will travel across the UK to make sure that your vehicles are spotless before an inspection.

    Fleet cleaning

  • Refrigerated Vehicle Cleaning

    Vehicles that carry food products are held to higher standards than any other transport vehicles and must have regular hygiene cleans. We work across the food and beverage industry to keep fleets compliant with health and safety standards and ensure they meet audit requirements.

    Refrigerated vehicle cleaning

  • Refuse Vehicle Cleaning

    Refuse vehicle cleaning is a very niche area, requiring a specialist approach and exceptional health and safety considerations. Our hygiene experts are well versed in the precautions required to work with such vehicles and have the expertise and experience to get them sparkling clean.

    Refuse lorries

    Refuse vehicle cleaning

  • Ambulance & Patient Transport Vehicle Decontamination

    As well as regular hygiene cleans, ambulances are required to create a deep clean schedule based on evidenced results. The schedule will depend on each Trust and can vary from 4-10 weeks between deep cleans. Once we have finished with them post-swab analysis results are at zero for the most common patient touch points.

    Ambulance & patient transport

  • Building and Warehouse Cleaning

    Unsightly and devalued buildings leave a poor impression on customers, visitors and staff. Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of a building, preserve the exterior surface, and ensure proper hygiene standards are met internally.

    Building and warehouse cleaning

  • Roof and Gully Cleaning

    Clogged gullies and debris on roofs can be a hazard for your premises and business. Keep them clear and safe with regular maintenance with a professional and expert approach to cleaning.

    Roof and gully cleaning

  • Pre-MOT Cleaning

    Meet your annual inspection requirements with clean vehicles. We work on all types of trucks and trailers including 7.5 tonne, rigid trucks, tankers, units and trailers, including steam cleaning at your premises or ours.

    Pre-MOT cleaning

  • Food Waste Bin and Storage Area Cleaning

    Commercial food waste bins and storage areas can quickly become unhygienic and dirty, leading to unpleasant odours, bacteria and even pest infestations. We can help you keep them clean and vermin free.

    Waste bins

    Food waste bins & storage cleaning

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Call us now on 0800 772 3424

Call us now on 0800 772 3424

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