Acorn Commercials’ approach to Covid-19

"We’ll be there within the hour when you have a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case"

When it comes to sanitation and Covid-19 in particular you want to know that your premises, staff and clients are fully protected. You want to be sure that you’ve got the right team in to do the job, and that it’s been done well. When a Covid-19 case is confirmed or suspected, it is essential that premises are disinfected as quickly as possible. Acorn Commercials can be there within the hour, 24 hours a day, ready to get your business back on its feet.

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The Acorn Commercials disinfection process

We take sanitation of your premises and vehicles seriously. It’s what we do and have been doing for over 15 years. Our laser-focused attention to detail stands us in good stead at times like these and we are proud of our high standards. We do our job well, so that you can get back to doing yours.

Our processes are clear and simple:

  • We arrive within one hour of a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case
  • Staff don full PPE – apron, mask, goggles, face shield and gloves, or full hazmat suit
  • We follow the path line of an infected person and disinfect all surfaces
  • Option to use a fogging technique – typically used in buildings
  • Choice of using UVC light treatment – used as standard in patient transport vehicles & ambulances
  • Option to use air purifier treatment – also highly effective for dealing with odours
  • We will be on your premises within the hour of a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case. In full PPE gear, we will follow the path taken through the premises or focus on the vehicle, disinfecting all surfaces and touch points along the way.
  • Choice of electrostatic disinfection – suitable for all surfaces, particularly those that are vertical and hard to reach

Additional disinfection options

Following that, Acorn Commercials offers four options – or combination of options – for additional disinfection.

  • Fogging is a technique that is often used in buildings. It works by spraying a fogging solution into a room. This will linger in the air long enough or attach itself to surfaces to kill any residual airborne viruses. Staff will then return to wipe down surfaces, removing any residue. Fogging works well on premises where there may be airborne virus droplets.
  • UVC light. This works by destroying the DNA of any viruses. A standard disinfection technique in patient transport vehicles and ambulances, it is also used for Covid-19 disinfection purposes. UVC is ideal for situations where there may be airborne virus droplets and a tight turnaround time to bring premises or vehicles back into operation.
  • Air purifiers are designed to draw in air and trap all harmful pathogens and gases. Once trapped, the DNA of any viruses and pathogens present is destroyed. Frequently used in hospital settings, and originally designed to combat germ warfare, it can keep facilities free from impurities and viruses. Air purifiers can work during scheduled downtimes and are perfect for dealing with any lingering odours.
  • Electrostatic disinfection. Using a hand-held, cordless device, an electrically charged liquid is sprayed over surfaces. This provides an even coverage, ensuring no spot is left untouched. Suitable for all surfaces and types of businesses, it is particularly useful for hard-to-reach spots and vertical surfaces.

By offering all four, clients can select the most suitable option(s) for their circumstances and budget. We also have an in-house Infection Control Specialist who provides advice and guidance specific to Covid-19 disinfection for premises and vehicles.

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The science behind our Covid-19 disinfection standards

While there are no official standards for Covid-19 disinfection, Acorn Commercials follows the best practice measures for ambulances and patient transport vehicles    and the food and beverage industry. These have been set following years of research into testing methods and pass/fail limits and are applicable to Covid-19.

Acorn Commercials uses Hygiena’s ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) system, designed to measure surface cleanliness. Hygiena is a global leader in testing and monitoring and offers solutions to companies operating in the health care, food and drink and hospitality industries. Their ATP method has undergone checks in independent studies. Findings show that two readings for any surface tested will provide a reliable measure of cleanliness. Acorn Commercials imposes a strict pass/fail limit on ATP testing methods used.

Such limits use relative light units (RLU), a universally recognised and benchmarked measure. Whereas in the past a reading of 100 RLU would be accepted, we follow a much stricter limit of 25 RLU or less to pass. For Acorn Commercials:

  • 0–24 RLU is a pass
  • 25+ RLU is a fail and requires further cleaning and disinfection

We can also create custom RLU limits for your business. We do this in consultation with you and our Infection Control Specialist to find what will work best for you and your business. 

Protecting you and our staff

We have a small and loyal team that has worked for us for years, and they know their job inside out. Each and every one of us is committed to keeping your business, staff and clients safe. We do this by practising good hygiene and using the following:

  • White hazmat suits for ambulance and patient transport vehicle disinfection
  • Face masks, goggles and face shields
  • Gloves and shoe covers
  • Aprons

Once a job has been completed, all PPE is removed and disposed of as clinical waste. Our staff carry a change of clothes to each job, changing into clean clothes before leaving your premises. The used ones are bagged, ready for washing and disinfection. This way, there is minimal risk of spreading any virus residue to your staff or premises.

All staff follow the recommendation of our Infection Control Specialist and have had Hepatitis B and seasonal flu immunisations.

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